Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quick Pesa?

Quick Pesa is a payment gateway that enables you to make online payments using funds from your Mobile Money wallet and Bank account funds.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a service that allows you to securely make an online payment using funds from an external source.

Can I keep my money with Quick Pesa?

No. Quick Pesa is not a cash depository facility, and does not keep money. It is only used to facilitate online payments.
If you want to keep money, we advise you to take it to your bank or any other cash depository facility.

How do I pay using Quick Pesa?

To pay using Quick Pesa you need Quick Pesa credits. you can pay for these credits using you Mobile Money wallet.

Once you have the credits, you can then generate a token that you use to pay online. click here for details of how to pay using the Quick Pesa token.

What are Quick Pesa credits?

Quick Pesa credits are units that are used to specify the value of a Quick Pesa token.

What is a Quick Pesa token?

A Quick Pesa token is a secret code which is used by a buyer to authorize transfer of credits from his/her Quick Pesa account to a seller's Quick Pesa Account while paying for goods, services, or merchandize.

How much do I pay to register for Quick Pesa?

You do not pay. Quick Pesa registration is free. Just click here and fill our online registration form.

Can I pay using Quick Pesa without registering?

No, you have to register with Quick Pesa if you want to pay using Quick Pesa. This is because there is no way Quick Pesa will be able to allocate you credits or send you a token if you are not registered.

Will Quick Pesa help me if a conflict arises regarding a payment I made through Quick Pesa?

Yes. When a conflict arises, for example the goods you paid for are not delivered, or what is delivered is significantly different from what the seller described, we encourage that you first contact the seller and try to sort it out with him / her.
If that fails, you can report the matter in our resolution center and we shall assign a Quick Pesa personnel to intervene and help you to sort it out.
You can access our resolution center by clicking the conflict resolution center button in your Quick Pesa account.

Can I send my credits to another Quick Pesa user?

No,you cannot send your credits to another quick Pesa user, but you can use them to send Mobile Money to even non Quick Pesa users who are registered with any of our supported Mobile Money networks. Click here to see the full list of Mobile Money networks we support.

Do I have to use all my Quick Pesa credits at once?

No. You can use your quick Pesa credits in bits. The value of the token you generate determines how many credits you need to get the token.

What happens if I get a token and I don't use it?

The token expires after 30 minutes if not used, and your credits are not deducted.

What happens if I have more credits than I need to make a payment?

If you have more credits than you need to make a payment, the balance of the credits will remain in your Quick Pesa account and can be used to make another payment. If you do not have another payment to make, you can choose to withdraw the credits into your Mobile Money.